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    • Lviv, 18, Melnika str
      daily 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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    EVENT HALL No age restriction

    A contemporary space for conducting mass events such as sports competitions, business conferences and celebrations. It is the only space in Lviv that can host 600 people.

    The venue boasts stylish interior and flexible furniture arrangement that suits any event format.

    Concierge service and Food hall will help the organizers of the event to focus on the programme and not to worry about the arrangement of the premises


    Vast array of entertainment activities for kids and full-scale family leisure activities.

    Concierge Service

    Leoland has its own Concierge service which ultimate goal is to secure a satisfying stay for the visitors.

    To make it inside LEOLAND one has to make a request to a concierge service.

    Concierge service will take charge of the organizational errands within LEOLAND, so that you can concentrate on what matters.

    The service extends to four categories:

     – Families
    book tickets to cinema, helps come up with entertainment programme for kids, make a reservation in a restaurant for adults

    – Businesses
    organize a business meeting, educational-related event, business conference, business negotiation meeting.

    – Children’s party
    take care of organizational matter, come up with an event script, menu, hosts/entertainers.

    – Excursions and guided tours
    Develop custom entertainment programmes


    LEOLAND runs a nursemaid service for children starting from 1 y.o.

    You are most welcome to let us take care of your kid while you attend a training in a fitness centre or an education zone with the older siblings; rest assured of the well-being of your offspring – professional nannies will care for your kids.